Relationship Therapy

Relationship Therapy is a place to “tune-up” your relationship or help you work through life difficulties.  Partners seek relationship therapy to repair relationship wounds, renew their relationships, and strengthen their overall health.  The time is now to better understand your relationship and yourself and get out of the rut you may feel you have been stuck in.  We empower partners to have a clearer understanding of each others needs, mutual respect, compassion, deeper fulfillment, and increased relational satisfaction.

These are some things you may be able to do through relationship therapy:

*Decreased individual and relationship distress.

*Strengthen your individual and relationship health.

*Increase communication/understanding/awareness about intimacy and sexuality.  Promoting sexual wellness through sex positivity.

*Having clearer awareness and understanding of what is happening for yourself and partners.

*Increase your voice within your relationship.

*Learn how to achieve clarity in your communication.

*Uncover deeper feelings driving your behavior.

*Learn to turn towards partners.

*Understanding why the relationship is feeling stuck or disconnected.

*Individual accountability for their role in the relationship.

*Working together as a team to create the relationship you both want.

*Healing wounds that have led to discontentment and disconnect.

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