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RTW’s mission is to provide systemic, integrative, and holistic therapy services to treat the root causes to create positive lasting changes that radiates to each person, their relationships, intergenerational lines, and their community. We believe in the strength of how systemic therapy work transforms lives through creating emotional safety, turning towards, using voice, sharing how we truly feel, seeking clarity, remaining curious with ourselves and those we love, interrupting harmful patterns, enhancing intimacy and pleasure, and through learning and growing together. Our hope is that you will have a better understanding about yourself, your needs, about your partner and their needs, and will learn how to express yourself. There is always more to the story when it comes to emotions, and we hope to facilitate a deeper understanding of yourself and those you are in relationship with.

The healthcare field is still mired by its oppressive roots and RTW endeavors to build up a continuous fight.  RTW is committed to building a future in the therapy field that is filled with clinicians that are prepared to serve diverse communities, diverse needs, fight against oppressive systems, with compassionate and ethical care.

RTW’s founder created the internship program with the primary goal of increasing accessibility for holistic therapy services to the community that would extend beyond the clinical services she could provide.  Accessibility to therapy services is achieved by reduced rates for services from Master’s-level therapists, Adjusted Rate Scholarship (ARS) program, offering weekend/early morning/evening scheduling, providing in office therapy, virtual (Telehealth) therapy, and other services to support and respond to the needs of the community and those we serve.

RTW has trained graduate and post graduate therapists since 2020, with the primary goal that they become clinically trained to provide therapy services that are systemic, holistic, and integrative. Therapists’ are trained in providing thorough clinical assessments (bio-psycho-social-sexual-spiritual), clear treatment interventions, that are evidenced based, humanistic, trauma informed, anti-oppressive, strengths based, sex positive, inclusive, collaborative, and seek to address root systemic causes.  Amy Rinker’s early clinical experiences in community mental healthcare as a systemically trained therapist fuels this passion, as she experienced many challenges working with minors systemically.

This program is for you if you are a Master’s-level therapist who is enrolled in graduate school completing an MFT, CFT, or other counseling program in WA state and are seeking an internship site to receive clinical training and clinical supervision with a fully licensed LMFT and a AAMFT approved supervisor to achieve their program’s requirements for clinical hours and training.

You are encouraged to apply if you are looking for the following:

*You searching for an internship site to receive clinical training and align with our mission and core values.

*You would like an immersive clinical training experience in a small group private practice.

*You are looking to connect, collaborate, and learn with our team.

*You are interested in learning clinical strategies and models to serve clients in office (in person) and virtually (Telehealth).

*You have interest in learning and providing systemic therapy to minors (family and multi-systemic).

*You have interest in learning and providing systemic couple/marital therapy, sex therapy, and multi-bodied therapy with adults.

*You are interested in practicing from a holistic, systemic, and integrative approach.

*You already are enrolled in or have completed a sex therapy program.

*You are interested in learning and providing group therapy to increase connection and healing with others who may have similar experiences.

*You are interested in a paid internship program as a w2 employee.

To apply to join our clinical internship team, please email and include the following:

  1. Letter of interest
  2. Resume or CV
  3. 3 letters of recommendation

Once received, a member of the admin team will contact you to schedule a preliminary interview with Maryssa Beare, LMFTA.  From there an interview with Amy Rinker, MA, LMFT-S, founder/clinical director.  We look forward to connecting soon!

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