Commitment/Premarital Therapy

Commitment/Premarital therapy is for you if you and your partner have decided to commit to a long term relationship, are recently engaged, have decided to get married, or are recently married.  You may be facing big decisions and want to proactively work through this process together to ensure you are on the same page and have a deeper understanding about yourself and your partner.  This process is right for you if you and your partner are wanting to take a proactive/preventative approach to your relationship.

These are some things you may be able to do through commitment/premarital therapy:

*Understand how to maintain a healthy relationships to prevent separation/divorce, based upon relationship research.

*Learning how to clearly communicate in a manner where each partner is heard, respected, and validated.  Rather than getting stuck in defensive back and forth pattern that leads to frustration, anger, and disconnect.

*Learn your relationship pattern to better understand yourself and your partner.

*Identifying areas of difference and how to navigate.

*Preventative approach to conflict, learning your format for fighting fair.

*Address values and beliefs and what is important to you.

*Understand your family of origin, how you were raised, and your family beliefs/values and how they impact your relationship.

*Family of origin exploration/assessment to understand impact on yourself and relationships. 

*Boundaries as a couple with family and others.

*Learn what you need to be fulfilled within your relationship.

*Clear rules to your relationship to prevent infidelity concerns.

*Understanding/addressing sex/intimacy.


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