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Emily Parks

MA Candidate

Rinker Therapy and Wellness

COVID-19 has impacted us in a unique way that has left many people in need of mental health resources. I want to recognize that this event has affected many people in different ways. As we process a collective trauma the need for mental health has increased. Whether you are someone who is new to therapy or someone who has been before I offer a uniquely tailored experience for each client with the above in mind.

I work with a multitude of different populations and offer treatment for those who are impacted by depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, and infidelity. I enjoy working with individuals, intimate partnerships, non-monogamous relationships, LGBTQIA+, kink, and family systems.

I have been trained to be culturally, relationally, spiritually cognizant when working with clients and love to bring an individually tailored experience to every person I meet. I take a collaborative and client-centered approach that combines a holistic and spiritual integration into my practice with an emphasis on the “Biopsychosocialspirituasexual” model. I believe that self-compassion, identity building, communication skills are foundational to creating meaningful connections.

If you feel that I am the right fit, contact me today! I am looking forward to working with you!

Aiden Merris

MA Candidate

Rinker Therapy and Wellness

Navigating relationships can sometimes be a difficult process that requires guidance and support. When our relationships are struggling and we are feeling left down by our partner, it can take a toll on our mental health. It is my desire as your therapist to offer guidance and support to help you find ways to help your relationships grow and become more fulfilling. It is my passion to help and empower others to extend the same love and empathy they would towards others onto themselves. We all need reminders that our needs are just as important as others and it is my desire to support you in that practice.

I enjoy working with those navigating grief & loss, couples and families navigating life transitions and stressors, couples facing issues with infidelity, sexual issues, assisting individuals in using voice and setting boundaries in relationships, exploring cultural and familial influences and their impact on way of thinking, LGBTQIA+, and developing coping strategies for anxiety. I believe in taking small steps and walking before running. I offer a direct, yet compassionate and curious approach and I encourage my clients to bring forward nothing but their authentic selves.

When I am not seeing clients or in school, I find joy in writing music, running, spending quality time with friends and family, cooking, and listening to podcasts. Hiking or being on the water is another wonderful way that I recharge and find clarity. I try and practice being present in everything I do, and I find talking to friends and family is the best way to get support.

If you feel that I am the right fit, schedule with me today! I look forward to witnessing your growth!

Edgewood Counseling and Wellness Center
10005 24th St. E.
Edgewood, WA 98371

(253) 350-8763

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