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Your clinician doesn’t have to be a Sex Therapist to talk about your sexual wellbeing and working with a Sex Therapist doesn’t mean that you’re talking about sex every session.  Sex Therapists do receive extensive training preparing them to support and treat various types of sexual concerns and sexual struggles whether individually or relationally. The training is comprehensive, medically accurate, nonpathological, and attends to the bio-psycho-social-sexual-spiritual components of a person and their experiences. Sex therapists are prepared to support you as whole humans through this holistic and integrative approach.

Sex therapy is for fit for you if: you are struggling sexually, experience sexual shame, were raised in a sex-negative/shaming environment, experienced religious trauma, sexual trauma, feel disconnected from your partner or yourself, are not feeling satisfied sexually, feel as if your sexual needs are not important, feel you may not be “compatible”, may not feel you can be open about your sexual desires, feel detached from your own sexuality, struggle with identity or identify intersections, or you find it extremely difficult even talking about “sex” openly with your partner. These are common reasons why many seek the support of a sex therapist. Other reasons people seek sex therapy are struggles with sexual functioning such as genital or pelvic pain, shame with sexual behavior or sexuality, reconciling differences, not receiving education about your body functioning and sexual wellness, gender concerns, ruptures of trust, consent, boundaries, looking to alter your relationship structure, or various others.

RTW’s approach to Sex Therapy is systemic and holistic, we provide thorough clinical assessments, and clear treatment interventions that are evidenced based, client-focused, trauma-informed, anti-oppressive, strengths-based, sex-positive, humanistic, inclusive, and collaborative. We incorporate a somatic practice that promotes attunement to the brain and body. Using the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model, allows an in-depth and expansive understanding to the factors impacting healthy sexuality and mutually satisfying connection.  Many factors influence a person’s sexual and relational functioning, such as upbringing, lived experiences, social location, and others.  Other reasons a person may struggle sexually or relationally, is whether they received comprehensive sex education, learned about basic body functioning, body safety, consent, basic sexual human rights.  Understanding you as a whole human is the RTW standard as we believe healing, learning, and growth is truly sustainable and long lasting if we get to the roots.

Our goal is healing, reclamation, liberation, and the enhancement of connection and pleasure that is rooted in clear communication and consent.  Join us today to learn together, live authentically, and create lasting positive changes.

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