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Our connections to others is vital to our well-being as humans.  I use a collaborative approach and believe therapy is the perfect platform to strengthen relationships to promote lasting positive changes.  I use a holistic perspective to understand a person, couple, and family as a whole.  During the course of therapy, clients are empowered to make positive changes to their overall health and wellness through individual self-care practices and their important relationships.  I encourage positive relationships, movement, getting into nature, nutrition, and many other areas of self-care to promote healthfulness and vitality.  When we are feeling our best, feeling loved, valued, and cared for in our lives there is nothing we cannot do!  As a group private practice owner, I am happy to provide consultation around entrepreneurship, opening or growing their practice, one on one clinical supervision, group supervision, or clinical internship.

Supervisory Approach

My supervision approach is humanistic, strength based, and experientially focused.  I believe that supervision, like therapy, works best when the relationship between supervisor and clinician is based upon mutual respect, trust, open and clear communication, and collaboration.  I connect through authenticity, humor, and transparency.  And as a person who has engaged in my own personal therapy to address and heal from sexual trauma, religious trauma, divorce, postpartum from two pregnacies, among others; my personal therapy experiences within the field has helped me become a stronger clinician and supervisor.  Without buy-in whether in supervision or in therapy work, there is no maneuverability.  I have found that by sharing pieces of my authenticity and lived experiences when clinically appropriate and intentionally focused, I am able to build a safe supervisory relationship build upon transparency, accountability, and integrity to model humility and clinical wisdom.

Just as parenting requires the parents to model, lead, and guide their children, so does supervision and comes with great responsibility.  To become equipped to provide clinical support and training to clinicians that is ethical and safe, I believe it begins with the self of the supervisor work.  I feel it is paramount therapists and supervisors do their own therapy work to address areas of healing, owning their own story and experiences, learning how to communicate, address conflict, address harmful patterns, manage emotions, and learning positive ways to care for themselves and within their relationships.

Supervision is structured directly to your specific clinical and professional goals, clinical needs, and personal contextual factors and social location.  Areas of focus may include: clinical case consultation, self of the therapist, professional development, entrepreneur development, or specific support with theoretical orientation and implementation.


I have extensive experience working with adults, couples, children, teens, and their families of diverse social locations and multicultural backgrounds addressing various clinical concerns from the systemic lens.  Clinical specialties include couples/marital therapy, trauma certification in TF-CBT/CBT+, sex therapy, and clinical supervision.  I have completed all training requirements to become a certified sex therapist.

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