I realize that no two people are the same, therefore, in our work together I will tailor therapy to meet the your specific needs.  Those I work with are looking to grow individually and within their relationships.  I will help you to clarify what you are hoping for and we will celebrate big and small successes along the way as you achieve your goals.  I will help you to fully realize your strengths, adjust certain behaviors and thoughts, uncover underlying emotions and patterns driving behavior, and feel more fulfillment within yourself and your important relationships.

My practice specializes in treating  various concerns such as: premarital/commitment therapy, couple or marriage therapy, relationship difficulty, infidelity, family concerns, separation, blended families, sexuality/intimacy concerns, and managing various emotions/behavior within relationships.  I am currently in training to work towards sex therapy certification and have special interest in supporting couples or individuals wanting to explore or address specific concerns surrounding sexual health.

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