Before Your First Session

As wonderful an opportunity that therapy can be, beginning the therapy process can sometimes be confusing and even daunting! It can be hard to know where to go or how to start. Oftentimes the big questions are about finding out what you want, knowing your rights, and how much it will cost. Here is a list of things to do in the process of starting therapy with RTW. You can also use the Getting Started menu bar at the top of the page.

  1. Please fill out our New Client Registration Form (linked here) so that we can get an idea of how to contact you, and what you are looking for, before setting up an intake session with the respective intake paperwork. This can be a great way to get answers directly from our team. You can also use the button on this page that says New Client Registration Form.
  2. If you are aiming to use insurance, please refer to these Verification of Benefits (VOB) questions on our Insurance page (linked here) when you contact your provider to determine if your time with us can be covered and to what degree.
  3. After filling that out, if you are ready for a first session, you can go straight to our Appointment Request form (linked here) to get started right away. You can also use the button on this page that says Request Appointment. *Please keep in mind that the onboarding process includes filling out consent documents and an intake form at least three days prior to your appointment so that your therapist can be best equipped for that first session.
  4. As a client, you have rights that your therapist will remind you of and honor every day. Here is our Investment page (linked here) on what you can get out of therapy, and our Frequently Asked Questions page (linked here) for some questions on consent, confidentiality, and what rights you have in our work together.
  5. Therapists will have different rates depending on the services they provide. Our team pages (linked here), our Insurance page (linked here), and our Rates page (linked here) may clarify some questions about cost, such as out-of-pocket/private pay vs. insurance.

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