Therapy is an investment in your health that has positive effects for years to come.  There are many ways we care for our health, such as; going to the gym, doing yoga, getting massages, facials, check-ups with our doctors, time with loved ones, vacations, and entertainment interests.  Therapy is another way we care for ourselves and the important people in our lives.  Therapy can be a lot like taking in a car to an auto shop–sometimes the car needs significant repair, and other times it needs a maintenance job to stay running.  The work we do in therapy can cause a ripple effect of impact, radiating outward, having a positive effect on your close relationships, community, and the world.  In taking care of yourself, you are able to live a fulfilled and intentional life; what better investment to make than in yourself?!  Now that is an ROI (return on investment) that you will surely benefit from!

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